19 Jan 2014

Festival Construction – Guest Benabs & Showers!

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Construction is underway for guest benabs, showers, and toilets to accommodate hundreds of guests expected to descend upon Annai, Guyana for the first annual Rupununi Arts and Music Festival in February.

Using lumber sustainably harvested by hand from the Annai/Surama timber concession, these guest buildings will comfortably accommodate four to six sleeping adults. The guest benabs are situated along the western edge of the Rock View Lodge property, well away from performance areas to allow for comfort and quiet after hours.

Rock View Lodge is organizing and hosting the first annual Rupununi Arts and Music Festival which will bring together musicians and artists from around the world for a multicultural celebration of creativity. In the ongoing spirit of environmental stewardship, the Festival grounds are being equipped with low-impact facilities to accommodate our guests. Composting toilets will permit us to maintain adequate sanitation during the Festival without unnecessarily wasting precious fresh water resources.

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