Reopening After COVID

We have been certified by the Guyana Tourism Authority for conditional reopening of the Lodge, with significant enhanced health and safety measures in place

The achievements of the past 30 years to create what is widely recognized as being one of the leading Eco-Tourism destinations in the World is at risk of being lost due to its having affected the human resource capacity of the lodges that consists mainly of our own indigenous people with their skills in hospitality and interpretation of the rainforest and its wildlife

Tourism as a sustainable business activity has become highly appropriate at this time and very useful with an oil economy that is now emerging and that is basically extractive of natural resources and does little to benefit the wider community as does tourism that should be seen as being important to strike a balance and in keeping with our concerns for the health of our environment

Due to the Pandemic having hit the World economy very hard as well as the International airline industry that brings visitors to these shores, Guyana needs to recognize that tourism through safe reopening protocols should first of all target the domestic market and continue until such time as the World economy recovers and the traditional Eco-Tourism market will make it possible for visitors to have sufficient affordability to visit Eco-destinations like ours in Guyana

By targeting the domestic market we will find perhaps the means to lobby our policy makers in the Government as to the value of tourism not only for being a sustainable activity that is environmentally friendly but also for being one for generating hard currency and offering greater incentives to the hinterland community lodges

Rock View Lodge is certified for conditional reopening: COVID health and safety protocols are in place to protect guests and staff!