February 14 – 16, 2014

Rupununi Music & Arts Festival was a first of its kind in Guyana. A camping opportunity, an environmental adventure, an exploration of a beautiful country, an Eco-oriented event… a musical experience like no other! By land and air from neighbouring Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela, by air from our close neighbours in South America and the Caribbean and from all over the world.

Videos from the festival

Festival posters


Recognition from the Prime Minister

Festival organizer and proprietor at Rock View Lodge – host for the festival – Colin Edwards receives a check from Guyana Prime Minister Samuel Hinds in support of the Festival’s efforts. Prime Minister Hinds got into the spirit of the event, shown here surrounded here by members of the Makushi Culture Group from Surama Village. 


Festival Gallery

Pre-Festival Prep

Photos and videos from others

Images from the Cultural Centre Concert in Georgetown (Amanda Richards via Flikr)
Images and video from John Davidson

Pre-Festival Marketing

Music will be internationally flavoured, traditional and accessible, varied and interesting and in many languages, some of which you may never heard before. It will however be dynamic, with a mixture of solo and group performances, blues, jazz, folk, Indian, African and contemporary pop. The programme will be flexible allowing visitors time to enjoy the sheer beauty and tranquility of the grasslands whilst later in the day enjoying the diversity of quality music from around the world.


The 1st Rupununi Music and Arts Festival will be, above all, a multicultural experience!

Music will be traditional and accessible, varied and interesting and international artistes confirmed so far include Namvula (UK/Zambia), Keith Waithe (UK/Guyana), Iryna Muha (UK/Ukraine), Ramon Goose (UK), Marc Mathews (UK/Guyana), Pavel Váně (Czech Republic) and they will be joined by several local artistes including Ras Camo, Indus Voices & Dance Worqs, Drew Gonsalves (Canada), Surama Cultural Group (Guyana), Buxton Fusion and Tassa drummers.

More information at the Festival Website and on Facebook.


Day tickets are $50 USD (adults), $25 USD for youths, and free for under 12 years old.

Tickets are not for sale at Rock View Lodge.

ONLINE – Tickets available through TicketPal
:  Tickets for sale at Giftland Officemax and Gizmos & Gadgets

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Accommodation & Packages

If you wish to spend the night at Rock View Lodge or the festival grounds, you must book in advance through Rock View. All prices shown are $USD.

Bamboos for the flambos in front of the Guest House 12. Toilet in Progress 11. Benab Thatch Roof 9. Airstrip Benab and Flags

OPTION A – Own vehicle in car park
includes outside showers & WC
$10 per person per night

OPTION B – 2-berth Benabs
air beds, 2-person sharing, outside showers & WC 
$240/5-day package

OPTION C – 4-berth Benabs
air beds, 4-person sharing, outside showers & WC
$380/5-day package

OPTION D – 6-berth Benabs
air beds, 6-person sharing, outside showers & WC 
$420/5-day package

Submitting payment for accommodation

Send cheque and your contact information to Rupununi Music & Arts Festival inc., c/o Cara Lodge, 294 Quamina Street, Georgetown. You will be advised once your payment has cleared and your names added to the attendance list.

Requesting additional information

Please use the contact form on the Festival website to contact us for additional information.

Rock View Lodge is certified for conditional reopening: COVID health and safety protocols are in place to protect guests and staff!