28 Jan 2014

Countdown to the Festival!

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SPC-Surama2Exciting, innovative and designed to complement the natural beauty of the Rupununi grasslands, the 1st Rupununi Music & Arts Festival kicks off on Valentine’s night, 14th February at Rock View Annai.

A celebration of world music in the heart of Guyana, this first time event brings together a wealth of musicians from Africa, Europe and North America to join forces with a diverse range of ‘home grown’ musicians. International artistes include Namvula (UK/Zambia), Keith Waithe (UK/Guyana), Iryna Muha (UK/Ukraine), Ramon Goose (UK), Aref Durvesh (UK), Chris Murtagh (UK), Marc Mathews (UK/Guyana), Pavel Váně (Czech Republic), Drew Gonsalves (Canada) and Filligar (USA) and they will be joined by several of Guyana’s most exciting local artistes including Ras Camo, Indus Voices & Dance Worqs, Surama Cultural Group (Guyana), Buxton Fusion, Raghu’s Tassa & Tadja drummers, Trevor Rogers, Desmond Atherly and Desmond Atiwell as the North Rupununi comes alive at Rock View, Annai during the Valentine’s weekend, 14 – 16 February 2014.

Artistes will offer performances and workshops and visitors will also have the opportunity to listen to stories from the custodians of traditional Amerindian culture and to participate in a range of traditional workshops in basket weaving, arts and crafts, costume making and food preparations.

Bob Ramdhanie, Festival Director, is a frequent visitor to Guyana and for him, “this will be a golden opportunity in which local and international artistes from around the world will have the opportunity to share in a weekend of performances, workshops, discussions, and of course, sample Amerindian culture and have some real fun. The idea of this 1st camping music festival in the Rupununi is both novel and challenging and demands a new creative approach. We have to convert the space around Rock View into a festival village and we are doing so in an eco-sensitive manner with benabs, washrooms and showers all being built from local materials thus ensuring that visitors and the local communities enjoy a truly, positive musical Rupununi experience”.

The New Mango Tree House OK“For us Valentine’s Day will never be the same again,” says Colin Edwards, Founder of Rock View Lodge. “Bob has a wealth of experience and his vision, supported by a range of sponsors including our individual sponsors, The Government of Guyana, Rent-a-Tent, Banks DIH, Giftland OfficeMax, Republic Bank, The European Union Delegation in Guyana, Cara Lodge, Silverbait Design, Guyana Tourism Authority, THAG, GT & T, Air Services Ltd, Dalgety, Trans Guyana Airways, US Embassy Guyana, will help us make this weekend a very special treat”.

The 1st world musical festival in the Rupununi, will burst into life on Valentine’s Day, February 14. The experience will be unique and the opportunity to have an aerial view of the festival grounds and the local communities….awaits you!



Visit the festival website or buy your tickets directly at TicketPal